21 April 2019


This is a course you need if you want to jump with others and for A-and B-license these jumps are considered a requirement.

"Trip" consists of ten jumps with an instructor. You pay in advance at the manifest for both your own jump slots and that of the instructor. Club members only pay 1 ½ slot! The intention is that after making the 10th jumps you can go jump with others. It is advisable to book a TRIP instructor, so you know that there is someone available at the scheduled day.

If you have completed the TRIPS and have not used up all 10 jumps , you can use the remaining jumps for FRIP jumps (freefly). Note: Using the remaining TRIP ( or FRIP) jumps expires after making your 100th jump.

After 10 TRIP or FRIP jumps financial support from the Parachute center stops. 

The following people can be requested through coordinator:

Basten Oudmaijer 06-10256388 BfsOudmaijer@gmail.com TRIP - COORDINATOR
Jan Pleiter
Laurent Dreyfus 06-52008828 Laurent@timetrans.nl Laurentdreyfus@kabelfoon.nl
Christien Meijers 06-14598511 christien.meijers@gmail.com Also on Monday / Friday
Ramon Balaguer 06-38516841

Bryan Meijers 06-51713196 bryan.meijers@gmail.com
Roel Nederveen 06-54625353 info@roelnederveen.nl
Ties Bos 06-53261801 ties.forrest@gmail.com
Bert Ham 06-29526109 Bert_Ham@hetnet.nl
Illona van Tulden 06-14292912 slingerapie@live.nl
Edwin Kuijer 06-22839416 Ekuyer@gmail.com