21 April 2019

What is the minimum and maximum age?

To start skydiving you must be at least 16 years of age.
There is no maximum age, but there are not many people who have started a career parachuting after their 60th birthday..
To jump tandem, there is no real upper or lower age limit. 

How big are your course groups?

The groups range from 5 to 15 people.



What does it cost to rent a freefall overalls and helmet?

Renting this equipment is included in the cost of the course. 


How long will my license be valid?

Your certification remains valid for your lifetime. However, If you have not jumped more than three months (if you do not have a A or B license),or six months, you should receive refresher training before you can jump again.

What does it cost to rent and pack the parachute?

These costs are included in the in the course program package. Afterwards if you still do not have your own equipment you can rent a parachute for Euro13,00 per jump. For accessories like helmet, altimeter and jumpsuit there will be a small additional charge. During the year of your course you will get free parachute packing training.

What is a Jump licence?

A jump Licence is a sort of passport issued to you after your basic ground course. Your personal details are entered here and show what you have already learned, the date the training took place and the name of your instructor. The photograph that you provide for training is inserted here.

There is also room for an instructor to sign your first qualifications.

When are the courses given?

We try to organise the ground training phase sseveral times a month on both Wednesdays and Saturdays
On the application form are the training dates available. If you have a group of 5 or more, you can us
make an appointment for ground training at almost any date.

How long is the course?

The ground training does not usually last more than one day. After theoretical and practical tests you are then basically ready to jump.
The jump itself is of course weather dependent. With good weather it is possible to complete the static line training in three days. (One day of theory and two days jumping) and the Combi and AFF in 4 days.

Should you join the KNVvL? (Royal Dutch Aeronautical Association)

In the calendar year that you are doing your training, you are automatically enrolled as a candidate member of the KNVvL which also gives you the compulsory liability insurance issued by them. After this calendar year you must renew or obtain new insurance in order to continue jumping. Indeed there are not many insurers who have this insurance in their package, as they are not familiar with rules and risks of our sport. More information can be found on the KNVvL

www.knvvl.nl and www.parachute.nl

Should you join the VPCT?

When booking a AFF training you will automatically become a member of our club for the rest of the year. Membership of the club is entirely voluntary, but of course does offer great benefits! 

In the summer season we are open , 7 days a week until 20:00. Its possibly for you to come to the a jump after you finish work.

Static Line students can come every day to jump without an appointment. For AFF students is wise to contact us first so we can book you in and make sure we have an AFF instructor for you.

It is always advisable to contact the Parachute center and get a weather check to see if its going to be a suitable day to Parachute. (Association Parachute Center Teuge)