20 April 2018
You can learn to Parachute in one day!

Static Line training € 420 , - p.p.



Once you have registered for a course, go to your GP and get a medical certificate for skydiving and a passport size photo for your licence. Present these to the admin office on arrival. You pay for your course and in return get a good, solid one days training which will enable you to complete your jump safely. 


After you undergo a written and practical test successfully you are ready to make your first skydive the next day . At an altitude of 3500 ft (over 1 km ) you will jump solo from the aircraft. A static line which connects your parachute to the aircraft opens it automatically. You then have approximately two minutes of canopy ride until you glide your parachute to the landing area .

After a brief evaluation , you are ready to make your following jump if you wish to continue. You need to complete five jumps for the static line license. We recommend you allow two days for making your follow on jumps. These jumping days are basically optional , but we recommend that you schedule them shortly after your basic ground training. Its always best to try to get your jumps one after another so any mistakes are fresh in your mind and easily rectified with additional tuition. After obtaining your static line certification you will get a certificate, jumping permit and log book to take home and you will be insured for the rest of the calendar year through the Dutch parachuting association, the KNVVL. Depending on what time of the year you do your course you should still have some insurance left which will cover you for more continuation jumps. At the end of the calendar year you will have to renew your membership through the KNVVL.


Click here  for a static line video




AFF ( Accelerated Free fall) training
€ 1195, - per person


An ideal course for anyone who wants to learn to freefall in the quickest possible time and safely. You will jump from 12,000 ft (4 km) from the aircraft accompanied by two instructors.

This course focuses on you as the individual. The ground training takes one day and on successful completion you will be trained to go onto freefall immediately. Participants do not need to have completed a static line training course to do an AFF course. After the ground training you will discuss the seven levels of the AFF course. There are seven levels you must complete safely and be evaluated on before you can go solo but this in most cases is quicker than working your way slowly through the static line phase. During the first three jumps you will be accompanied by two instructors, the following four jumps by a single instructor. You will learn at an accelerated pace to be a solo jumper. During the AFF course the instructors teach you to fly your body. You will be able to complete somersaults, turns and maneuvering with other jumpers as well being able to deploy your own parachute. Finally you will be taught to fly your parachute and land safely in the target area.


After graduating from the seventh level, you may make your first solo leap unaccompanied. Your career as a sports freefall parachutist has begun! Through the Parachute center you can get all kinds of licenses.

It is possible to do the Introductory AFF course and if you like it you may opt to continue onto the full course.

Click here  for a video AFF




Combination training € 595, - p.p.

Opleiding Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge


Combined training: 5 static line jumps followed by 1 AFF jump.

This is actually a complete static line course with the icing on the cake being a single freefall jump equal to the first level of the AFF course. After you have made five static line jumps, you get a short individual training lesson after which you will make your first freefall with two instructors.


After this jump you can, if desired, continue with the rest of the AFF system and complete the whole thing. You will need to inform your instructor you wish to continue to AFF, then pay an additional amount and get your briefing for your next level. Finally you move on to the status of Solo jumper. The sky's the limit or maybe it isn't...















Je hoeft nooit eerder gesprongen te hebben om een opleiding te volgen!

Dankzij onze riante openingstijden kunnen alle opleidingen flexibel worden ingedeeld. 

Wie beslist niet in een doorlopende periode kan lessen/springen, kan op een later moment makkelijk terugkomen. 

Dit is mede haalbaar, doordat Teuge beschikt over een ruime vliegcapaciteit en vaste, ervaren beroepskrachten als instructeurs en piloten. 

De sprongen worden altijd gemaakt op het veld zelf, waardoor geen tijd verloren gaat aan heen en weer rijden.

Militairen vanaf € 325,- p.p.

Parashows Paracentrum Teuge

Je hebt 5 staticline sprongen nodig om je militaire Wing te halen en dit kan al in 3 dagen! De opleiding is in principe gelijk aan de burgeropleiding maar omdat militairen vaak in groepen komen is er een mogelijkheid tot een datum naar keuze en om de grondopleiding op de kazerne. Bovendien hanteren we voor militairen speciale groepstarieven. Zo is de prijs voor groepen groter dan 10 personen € 375 pp; groepen groter dan 20 personen € 350 pp en groepen groter dan 40 personen betalen zelfs maar € 325 pp.  Je krijgt van ons alle benodigde papieren mee om na afloop van de cursus de militaire wing aan te vragen.