21 April 2019

Refreshment course

If you do not have A or B license yet, you must have less than three months from your last jump to continue in your training. If you have not jumped for more than three months you must first attend a refreshment course. The costs for the refreshment course is € 75,00.

If you have at least an A license, you must have less than six months from your last jump to continue in your training. You can however sit in on one of our basic courses to get back in date.

Based on your experience and time between your last jump and next jump, the instructor will determine what type of continuation jump will apply for you.


When registering, you must have the following items with you:

  • The required medical certificate for skydiving (not older than 2 years)
    (without a medical certificate signed by your GP and clearly stating 'Fit to skydiving' you can not jump!)
  • The course fee € 75, - (payment by caqrd is possible)
  • You logbook and jump evidence if applicable.
  • Valid membership card KNVvL (compulsory third party insurance). If you are not already logged in KNVvL, you can arrange this with us at the center.
    (Or in the case of foreign students an equivalent in-date Sports Parachute Association membership card and insurance cover.)
    More information on membership can be found at KNVvL www.knvvl.nl

Don't own your own Parachuting equipment yet.?

We rent altimeters (€ 5.00 per day) and of course parachutes at (€ 13.00 per jump).

These parachutes are especially suitable for less experienced jumpers. Do you have a good number of jumps and want modern, smaller parachutes to rent. You can visit one of the several para-shops at the airport. At the center we do have a limited number of modern freefall parachutes for rent between the sizes 190 and 235 sq. ft..

Additional insurances

It is not required to have a accidental and/or death insurance. If you want to have one of these insurances who also covers the costs when having a injury through skydiving you can contact the insurance company below.

Het Assurantiehuis VanderVeen te Apeldoorn,
tel: 055-5218028
website www.assurantiesite.nl



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