21 April 2019
Requirements & FAQ

What clothes should I wear?

You will receive a jump suit and goggles. In summer, a T-shirt underneath the jump suit is sufficient. In other seasons, especially in winter suitable sensible warm clothing should be worn. Gloves are recommended as well as sturdy hardwearing footwear. Boots and shoes should preferably have laces. Sneakers as well as most sturdy footwear is acceptable, However we do get guests wearing slippers or high heels, which is less suitable for jumping. A little common sense is required.


I am disabled, Can I do a tandem jump?

Please contact us by telephone first. In most cases it's not a problem, but we have to take each case on its own merit as each person may have entirely different problems associated with their disability which we need to be able to overcome. You should always consult with your GP first.  Unfortunately people with paralysis and those who can not lift their legs without assistance, we are normally unable to accept. The risk of you being accidentally injured on landing is too high. Also, people who are overweight and with a body weight above 100 kg, we are unable to take on a Tandem for the same reasons.  The material strengths of the Parachute are exceeded and with the additional strain on our instructors, their abilities to land safely with you can not be guaranteed. 

Can my family , friends, colleagues, come and see with?

Yes, we have a large audience area where they can observe you in Freefall above the airport and your landing a few hundred meters away.We also have a cafe where you can all take a cup of coffee or a cold drink while you watch a DVD of the jump afterwards.

I have contact lenses or glasses, is that a problem?

That's no problem. We provide you with goggles that you can wear over the top of your own glasses. We recommend that you do wear a sport these to protect your own. Jumping with glasses is on your own risk.


Do you have another question?

Should you have any other questions you can always call us on (0031) 55-3231604 or send an email to info@paracentrumteuge.nl 


Can anyone make a tandem jump?

  • Your body weight should not exceed 100 kg!
  • You must be normal healthy.
  • Upon landing you need to be able to raise your legs for a short while (20 seconds) .
  • It is possible for a disabled person to make a Tandem jump however we have to access each persons capabilities and this may not always be possible.
  • Our minimum recommended age is 8 years and older.
  • For minors written consent signed by the legal representatives is required.
  • It is also unwise to jump when you have a bad cold or your ears are clogged. A slight cold is not a problem but if you're cold, we firmly recommend not to jump because otherwise you can get temporarily problems with your sinus and ear cavities.
  • You are not allowed to jump under the influence of heavy drugs, alcohol and / or other hallucinogens.

How much time does a tandem jump take?

For your tandem jump you should allow several hours as we are controlled by the weather. When you arrive you will immediately report to the administration office and enroll for the jump. As we may have several jumps planned for that day we will give you an estimated time for your jump. You may relax in our club house and cafe or sit outside on our spectators viewing area and watch other parachutists jumping. There is usually about half hour gap or slightly longer between jumps if we are very busy. We are dependant on the weather and we do have the occasional technical problem so please be patient with us. When it is your turn you will be called forward by the clubs public address system to report to your instructor in the hanger. There he or she will furnish you out in a suit, harness and you will the get a detailed briefing on exactly what the instructor will want you to do and when to do it. This takes about fifteen minutes. At this time your Instructor will answer any questions you may still have about your jump. Shortly after you get acquainted with your instructor you will make the short walk to the plane. The flight to your jump altitude takes about fifteen minutes giving you plenty of time to view the beautiful Dutch countryside spread out below you. Once the aircraft is positioned exactly where the jumpmaster wants it over the airfield the cameramen, instructor, with yourself attached will now get ready to exit the aircraft. The exit is a truly exhilarating feeling.The free fall and gentle glide under the parachute takes about 5 minutes and after landing you walk to the awaiting transfer bus.This will then take only a few minuets to get you back to the center. We stop beside the viewing area where you will receive the applause from your friends, family and others viewing the jump.


Is a Tandem jump safe?

Tandem jumping is quite safe. That's because you jump with highly experienced instructors who have to meet exact requirements to become a Tandem instructor. The equipment used is amongst the best and safest in the world.The equipment and instructors are both tested to an extremely high standard always with the safety of the passenger in mind.

The instructors may appear casual, they are not.Part of a professional Tandem Instructors job is to make you feel relaxed. After all our instructors want you to enjoy the experience. All our instructors are highly concentrated and focused on the technically correct and safe execution of the jump. 



Is there an age limit for a Tandem jump?

We have no real age limit but consider 8 years old to be the minimum suitable age . At all times when fitting the harness, we observe the child to ensure they are not having any second thoughts or being too frightened by the experience . We believe it is important that the child wants to jump and do not feel at any time they are being pressured into it. Often our instructors and the young children will talk together beforehand so that the instructor can assess whether the child is ready for this beautiful but quite "intense" experience. Older people can also go for a jump. If you're in your seventies and still feel fit, parachuting isn't a problem at all.
 If you're unsure whether it is wise for you because for example you have a prosthesis or just suffering from a bad cold, ask us and we will review it with you.


Ik heb een sprong gereserveerd, maar wat als het op die dag slecht weer is?

Met name slechte weersomstandigheden kunnen roet in het eten gooien. Regen, mist, lage bewolking en stormachtige wind. Allemaal redenen om niet te gaan vliegen en springen. Meestal weten we pas op de dag zelf hoe het weer zich heeft ontwikkeld. Het heeft dan ook geen zin om een dag vooraf al op te bellen en te vragen naar het weer van de volgende dag. Het 20 uur Journaal geeft de dag vooraf al wel een aardige indicatie. Als het weer niet goed genoeg is om de sprong uit te voeren zullen we met jou een nieuwe afspraak overleggen.


Can a cameraman film two people at once?

The cameraman falls along with the tandem pair. Other couples are often hundreds of meters away in freefall. It is therefore very rarely that we are able to film two Tandems at once. There are many circumstances that will prevent us from filming two jumps so its not something we try as it cannot be guaranteed. Tell your cameraman with whom you came, and he will ensure they are occasionally in the picture during the briefing and after landing.