21 April 2019
Tandem Jump


After landing, you will receive a certificate as proof of your unforgettable skydiving experience.

Tandem Jump



Your Briefing

After a brief instruction on the ground you will be fitted with a harness by which you will be attached to your instructor once you are in the aircraft. Our professional instructors have made thousands of successful parachute jumps..

The Free fall

On the day you will jump from an altitude of 9000 ft (3 km) . You jump from the plane permanently attached to your instructor. Like a comet, you will hurtle eathwards and experience the unparalleled thrill of free-fall. Reaching speeds of 200 km per hour. After about half a minute of free fall, the instructor opens the parachute and you float quietly toward the earth, enjoying stunning views over the Veluwe and see below you, your family and friends waving and cheering to you from our terrace.Free fall

Video record of your jump

A great keepsake that will last a lifetime.

At the center we have a full time, experienced cameraman. We can make a film report of your tandem jump.

If this is your once in a lifetime Parachute experience it makes sense to have a record of it to show your family and friends and to look back on and say " Did I really do that?"
The cameraman puts your skydive experience to DVD and photos on CD. Today we can also put your experience on a memory stick. From the moment you take off, to your ride in the aircraft, to the landing he will make a movie spectacular of you. He jumps out of the plane with you so that your "exit" from the plane and free fall are recorded. You get the mounted DVD and photos, including a thrilling music track,produced within half an hour after you complete your jump!

A word of warning. Using your own cameras and phones in free fall is dangerous for yourself, for the instructor and people on the ground. It is therefore not permitted to attempt to take your own photos during a Tandem skydive.

Tandem jump  


Give someone a 'Once in a life time experience' as a gift! 

Tandemvoucher for friday/weekend/festival day € 199,00  

Tandemvoucher for monday-thursday € 185,00 

Voucher for a photo- and video report € 110,00

Voucher for handcam video €  60,00

To make a reservation for a tandemvoucher we kindly ask you to transport the money to our banking accountnumber:  NL89RABO 0148 1321 97 in the name of Paracentrum Teuge.
Afterward please send us an email to:  info@paracentrumteuge.nl and write us the name and address to where we can send the voucher.

As soon as we have received the amount on our banking account we will send the voucher to the address given.