21 April 2019






If you can think it, then we can arrange it!

  • What do you think about a guest of honor that jumps himself?
  • What is more romantic than a skydiver bringing the wedding rings 'by air'?
  • The grand opening of a new business?
  • The launch of a new product or opening of a soccer game?

These are merely examples of the possibilities!

The skydivers can expand flags of a company or sponsors when hanging under their canopies. There is also the possibility for the skydivers to take along balls, keys, sissors etc. to make the opening of a business for example more grand! 
All of the atributes we take along for free. It could also be spectacular for the skydivers to take along smoke pots for more accent.

Like to jump along?

It is possible for you or guests to jump along in the event by jumping with a professional tandem instructor without taking a course first and land in front of your own crouwd. If desired we can arrange a ground team that can give some expert comments without extra charges. 

There are lots of possibilities for the show or program. Only your and our imagination is a limitation! 

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