21 April 2019
Our Airplanes

Paracentrum Teuge, the most central dropzone of the Netherlands has the disposal of its two own airplanes.



The PH-JMP is a Cessna C208-B Grand Caravan, originally built in the passenger version in 1997 but quickly converted to a Paratrooper/Parachutist aircraft by removing the seats and the fitting of a static line cable.

This type of aircraft is the largest single-engine plane that so many skydivers can carry, up to 18!

The growth of paracentre Teuge enabled us in 2012 to purchase a new, heavy-duty engine for JuMP. It was then re- designated Supervan 900. It has thus become the fastest plane for paratroopers in the Netherlands.



The PH-SWP is a Cessna 208-B Super Cargomaster. A cargo plane, built in 2005 and four years later converted to a para-plane.

New windows were manufactured and fitted and mounted into the aircrafts hull.

The Swoop as SWP is affectionately known, has the original 675 hp engine, quiet 4-bladed propeller and takes the same payload of 18 skydivers as JMP.