21 April 2019

Club house bar "De Wolk"

The Paracentrum Teuge features a cozy club bar, which is decorated and furnished entirely in the style of skydiving . In this bar are both regular sports skdivers,tandem parachute jumpers and spectators welcome. All are welcome.

The club bar has a terrace with picnic benches where visitors can eat and drink. The terrace looks onto the Drop Zone and airfield where you can observe the days parachuting events.

Club house bar De Wolk     Club house bar De Wolk     Club house bar De Wolk

A wide menu

In the bar you can get coffee, tea, sodas, cakes, crisps and sweets. In addition, the 'Cloud' has a kitchen where snacks and hot dishes are prepared.

In the 'Cloud' signs hang with the available food menu of the day. You must make your order at the bar and collect your own, there us no waiter service. It will be appreciated if you just bring the bottles used, cups and plates back to the bar to help the staff keep the place clean.


Payment in the club bar is only possible via a PIN or a membership card or guest pass, which can be obtained from a vending machine in the hall.

This pass costs € 3, - but this amount is only a deposit, because after returning the card into the machine one gets the € 3, - returned plus any remaining amount up to € 20, - You may add more money to the payment card by paying into this machine using PIN, coins or banknotes.

Club membership card

Club Members using a membership card when paying at the Paracentrum gets a discount of 30% on every purchase in our club bar.


Normally we serve a warm meal daily. From a simple Dutch meal to pasta's. If you let the kitchen know before 4 pm, you can join is for dinner for € 7,50 (club members € 6,50)


If you are traveling with a group, you can order in advance, breakfast, lunch and an evening meal (para-meal).
Three meals for the day per person comes to is € 25,00.

Bringing and eating your own food is not normally permitted but under special circumstances you may request this from the manifest office.


Smoking in the bar is not allowed. On the terrace you can dispose of your cigarettes in the containers intended for cigarettes.

Overnight stay

If you wish to stay overnight in the bunk rooms above the 'Cloud', you can let us know by mail or telephone to Werner. For members this costs € 7.50 per night for non-members € 10, - per night. At the bar you can also sign for a fitted sheet and a pillow for the bed. So you need bring your own duvet / sleeping bag.

Manager "de Wolk"

Werner Smit is thePersonnel Manager of the' Wolk'. 


If you have any questions or details regarding the catering options and your personal needs, you can always contact the manager Werner, Mob: 06-54 64 60 72 or email to wolk@paracentrumteuge.nl