21 April 2019
Experienced jumpers

Beware: Skydive Teuge is an AAD mandatory dropzone !

Team facilities

Aside from a beautiful building, with free team briefing rooms with A / V equipment for de-briefing of your jump, a professional bar / restaurant in the building and  three dormitories with showers, we have knowledgeable staff that can guide you on every level.


For teams, we provide exceptional team deals with jump discounts of up to 40%! We also provide sufficient lift capacity by flying our own two Cessna Grand Caravans, PH-JMP and PH-SWP. Packers can also be arranged on request,to assist you for a quicker turn around on the ground . Other requests? Please contact us and ask what we can arrange.

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Is there storage for my equipment?

The paracentre rent a limited number of "lockers" so you can store your equipment, jump and leave it safely at the paracentre. Our lockers can be rented for € 45,00 per year.

The hangar where the lockers are located is locked and secured outside of our normal opening hours. However the paracentre bears no responsibility for damage or theft from the rented storage space. Your equipment is left at your own risk.
Ask the manifest for more information on storage space!


You don't own your own equipment yet?

We rent altimeters and of course parachutes. The parachutes are especially suited for inexperienced jumpers. Do you have a good number of jumps,consider yourself a more proficient jumper and want more modern, you can rent more sophisticated parachutes equipment from one of the many Parachute/Rigger shops on the airfield.


What altitudes can be reached?

The base jump heights are 3500 ft, 9000 ft and 12000 ft. Different heights can be arranged.
Speak to the manifest office. We will help where we can.


Can I manifest in advance?

Yes, if you are a member of the VPCT and you sign up to the manifest for either Saturday and Sunday 09:00 to 10:00, you can arrange an advance booking for up to a maximum of 3 jumps.